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Prevent Downtime, Avoid Costly Penalties, and Safeguard Your Reputation

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Keeping your clients’ data safe is super important. If it’s not secure, you could face big fines and harm your reputation. It is cheaper to follow the rules than to ignore them.

Not following the rules can cost you more than just fines and a bad reputation. Did you know that 60% of small businesses close within six months of a data breach? But here’s the good news: you can start following the rules today to protect your business and make it work better.

Following the rules shows your customers that you care about keeping their data safe. It also helps your business run smoothly. The truth is, following the rules puts your business ahead of others. 

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Frustrated with computer problems and high IT costs? Worried about security and backups? Get a free I.T BUYERS Guide to fix your IT issues and save money.

At Network 512, our IT compliance experts in Texas can help you follow the rules. Whether you work in healthcare, finance, legal, or another regulated industry, we are here to help you deal with compliance issues.

Comprehensive Regulatory & Infrastructure Services

Recent research shows that fewer than one-third of business professionals are happy with their progress toward compliance goals. This dissatisfaction leads risk assessment teams to spend too much time and effort gathering information for audits. Getting all this info together can be tough and time-consuming. 

Our solutions empower business owners by providing:

Lower operational costs through saved labor and faster, more accurate reimbursements.

A safe digital space for employees and sensitive records, boosting confidence among staff and patients.

Whether it’s risk assessments or getting ready for an audit, Network 512 offers top-notch solutions to meet all requirements. Our experienced team can make the whole process simpler for everyone.