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“Are you HIPAA compliant?” and “Can you prove that you were compliant 3 months ago?”

These aren’t just questions—they’re big challenges that Healthcare Organizations and Businesses have to tackle. HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a federal law all about keeping Patient Data safe and private.

Becoming HIPAA compliant means sticking to a bunch of Privacy and Security Standards. It’s about Healthcare Providers, Health Plans, Healthcare Clearinghouses, and their Business Associates really looking after Sensitive Patient Health Information.

But here’s the thing: HIPAA compliance isn’t a one-time deal; it’s an ongoing commitment. It’s about consistently showing that you’re following all the HIPAA rules, not just now, but also at any point in the past.

Network 512 is a HIPAA Compliance provider, specialize in helping businesses meet these complex requirements, ensuring patient data stays secure and compliant.


Our Services Cover for HIPAA

HIPAA Gap Analysis:

Our experienced consultants will perform a thorough HIPAA Gap Analysis on your organization’s current Policies, Procedures, and Technical Safeguards.
We’ll pinpoint any gaps and vulnerabilities in your existing HIPAA compliance setup.
You’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing areas that need enhancement to meet HIPAA regulations effectively.

Network Preparation

We get your Network ready for HIPAA audits by putting in place the essential Security Measures and Controls to safeguard Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).
This includes setting up Firewalls, Encryption, and Access Controls to protect ePHI.
We also make sure there’s Network Monitoring and Incident Response Procedures in place to promptly address any security incidents.

Ongoing Compliance Monitoring

Keep pace with evolving HIPAA Compliance Requirements to stay current with regulations.
Regularly assess and update your organization’s Policies and Procedures to ensure ongoing compliance.
Provide continuous support and guidance to help maintain your HIPAA Compliance.

Documentation & Training

We assist in creating and maintaining HIPAA-compliant documentation, covering policies, procedures, and security plans.
We also offer HIPAA training for your staff to ensure they understand their responsibilities regarding the security of electronic protected health information (ePHI).

Auto Readiness

Get your organization ready for potential HIPAA audits.
Review your security policies, procedures, and documentation to ensure readiness.
We provide guidance and support throughout the audit process to help you navigate it smoothly.

While we offer comprehensive services to assist you in achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance, please note that we do not issue an official Certification of Compliance. Typically, this certification is provided by regulatory authorities or certifying bodies.

Network 512 goal is to prepare your organization for compliance and support you in demonstrating adherence to HIPAA requirements during audits.

Security is not compliance.

Compliance is not security.

While hospitals and entities handling PHI must adhere to HIPAA cybersecurity requirements, compliance doesn’t guarantee security. Conversely, robust cybersecurity measures don’t always equate to HIPAA compliance.

Network 512 provides both security and regulatory adherence, safeguarding cybersecurity assets while ensuring compliance.

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