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Secure WFH

Remote workers often work from unsecured locations; they are easy targets for cybercriminals.

Why break into fort Knox if there are much easier targets? Remote workers often connect from hotel wi-fi, coffee shops, unsecured hotspots, or home networks without a proper firewall; home devices are often already infected with malware and can infect other devices.

We can provide adequate security for remote workers, secure their devices, and secure their home wireless connections. Why take the risk of having company data stolen because of unsecured hotspots?

With Security Assessment Services by Net512, you will gain the following:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the cybersecurity threats
  • Identify all IT environment security vulnerabilities
  • Learn how cyber threats can affect your business
  • Reduce IT spending by precisely targeting relevant cyber threats
  • Enhance your IT environment security to the next level

Contact Us To Prevent Cyber Attacks From Affecting Your Business!

Secure WFH Services We Offer

  • Remote Work Network Health Check
  • Remote Work Security Review
  • Security Assessment
  • Compliance Proof of Concept
  • VPN & VPN-less Solutions

Is your business ready for a remote workforce? Talk to an expert to get ready!

Please don’t become a victim of cybercriminals.
Let us protect your mobile workforce.