Help Desk as a Service

Help Desk-as-a-Service 

When your employees or end-users encounter challenges or problems who do they reach out to ask for help? This is where Network 512 stepped in to offer help. We offer to help you provide FAST, RELIABLE and EFFICIENT support to your customers or employees whether you need IT support, Customer Service or Business Support we are here to help you.

What are your Advantages of having our HDaaS 

First off, by removing the need to hire, train and maintain for an internal help desk staff it can result in significant cost savings. JUST PAY FOR THE SERVICES YOU ACTUALLY USE this will allow you to be flexible in scaling up your production and this will also result in rapid and effective issue resolution.  

Another advantage is having TASK AUTOMATION which streamlines your routine operations such as resetting the password, software updates and freeing up valuable time and resources for more complex issues. 

We are here to HELP! We can create a custom Help Desk solution for your business. Whether you need a help Desk for 1 user or 100, 000 users we can help you initiate the process today! 

Here is our Customer’s Feedback. 

“I put a Helpdesk Button on a prospect’s network and ran it – solved a problem in 1 minute that he’s been chasing for weeks. And now he’s asking us to quote taking over managing his network.”